Brought to you by lavdas


Through its long presence in the Greek market, the name lavdas has become the byword for quality and small, everyday pleasures that our candy offers millions of customers.

In 2011, our company invested dynamically in the development of new, groundbreaking products, especially designed for those who wish to cut down on calories and sugar, without compromising on taste. Our ZERO 0% sugar candies, in the distinctive black box, soon became the favorite choice for thousands of people.

At the same time, we put our know-how to good use in developing products with no added sugar, by expanding our range in chocolate-making. Thus, we launched, the new, modern ZERO no sugar added CHOCOLATE, in a variety of flavors.

Our vision is to create small, everyday moments of pleasure. This is what the new ZERO no sugar added CHOCOLATE range of chocolate bars does, by offering the pleasure of gourmet chocolate, without any guilt